How to Use Pex Crimping Tools

Use inexpensive tools for proper crimps of rings on pex tubing.

If you’d like to be able to repair your own pex plumbing but can’t justify the expense of a $100+ pex crimping tool, then the pocket pex crimper may be just what your looking for.

Pex Crimper

By using a pair of vice grips, the pocket crimper will properly crimp each ring to ASTM specs. Each crimp should be checked with a go/no-gauge to ensure that these specs are met.


Pex tubing can come in various colors.

Cut pex tubing cleanly without burrs using a pex tubing cutter — sold separately.

Slide crimp ring over tubing. Insert fitting and position ring 1/8″ from end.

Position pocket crimper over ring. You may have to separate the crimper to get it into position.

A rubber band will help hold it together while you make the crimp. Using a vice grips (the bigger the better), squeeze the end. A full crimp can only be obtained if the pocket crimper has closed all the way. Squeezing from the side as pictures will give you the most leverage. Most likely you will have to squeeze and adjust the vice grips several times to obtain a full crimp.

All crimps should be tested with a go/no-go gauge (sold separately). If the crimp is perfect, the gauge marked ‘go’ will slide onto the crimped ring. The gauge marked ‘no-go’ will NOT slide onto the crimped ring.

If both gauges slide onto the crimped ring, then your crimp is too tight and your pipe or fitting could crack. If both gauges do not slide, then your ring is not crimped enough and could leak.

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