Solar Heater Temperature Control Switch

Temperature control switch is designed for use in solar air heaters. Are you building your own solar air heater or furnace? If so you’ll appreciate this sturdy and reliable switch for turning your fan on and off at a temperature you preset.

Simply mount the temperature control inside your solar heating panel. Locate the switch so it interferes the least with the air flow through the panel. Connect the wires to the fan as you would connect any switch.

The temperature control switch is housed in a sturdy metal box which can be wired directly into any electrical circuit up to 120 volts. The box measures 3-7/8 x 1-3/4 x 3 inches plus the mounting tabs that stick out. If space becomes an issue, the switch itself could be removed from the box.

When the air inside the solar panel heats-up to the temperature you’ve preselected (normally 80-85 degrees), the switch will close turning on the fan to blow warm air into your home. When the panel cools down, the switch will open stopping the fan from blowing cold air into your home. This temperature control switch will stand up to the suns rays and high temperatures. Temperatures can be preset from 60-120 degrees.

If you are researching ideas for building your own solar air heater, check out these free plans.

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