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  1. Amanda says

    Our bathroom set up looks identical to the one shown. I can’t figure out though where the access door is to the pipes. How do I access the backs of the faucet to remove it? I’m thankful for this great tutorial- it has taken a lot of the fear away.

    • Susan says

      I’m replacing my surround and to answer the access question, I had to go into the bedroom which is behind the shower fixtures and cut an access hole. your local hardware store will have an access panel door for around $15 that will fit into the hole that you must cut. they are super easy to install and even have a paper template so yo can be sure to get the hole exact. The faucet handles thread onto the pipes and when you spin off the collar the faucet fixture will slip right off.

  2. Rachel says

    Is it possible to use tile instead of the surround? The previous owners of our home placed a surround over the window. I’d like to get the window back for natural light and frost it for privacy. Our tub seems to be in good shape, although an ugly color, can we change the color without spending a fortune? Home depot priced us WWAAAAYYY too much.

  3. Mary says

    The tub in my older mobile home(1969) is small and feels too high off the floor, plus its ugly green (cast iron ) I think,I want to replace it with a corner tub and shower,either Jacuzzi or walk in ,is this doable?

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