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I've been in my first mobile home for about a year now.
In the bathroom, the water always ends up splashing or pooling up on the counter-top (mostly cause the sink is so small, and we're messy with the water I guess).

Anyway, the laminate (I believe that's what it is called) counter-top now has this big warped up bubble area ( about 5x5 inches )... and of course more water runs under the raised spot when we use the sink.

It -seems- like if I could find a syringe with a curved long tube that I could shoot some wood glue under the bubbled up spot and then squash it back down flat (lay something heavy on it).. It's driving me nuts, looks like a huge bubble on pizza crust on my counter.

Does anyone sell some kind of kit to get under hard to reach bubbles ? To get the glue all the way into it I mean, not just at the dge of where it's raised. Also, do you think I should just rip it off the counter top (the laminate stuff) and put a new counter top in ?

I already know I need to recaulk the tiny area between the sink and mirror, that's where the caulk was old and missing and first let the water under the laminate. Shows it's my fault for not using -prevention- repairs to avoid worse damage down the road. I didn't realize how fast water messed up mobile home walls, laminate, etc.

Ok, I'm babbling and it's 7 am - I have yet to sleep.
Thanks in advance for any replies or help.

Oh, is there also a mobile home repair or owners bible out there that most of you trust ? I'm sooo new to all of this. Thank you!

- Teresa
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Hi Teresa,

Welcome to the site. First I do not know of any kit that you are asking about. Not saying there is not one, but I am not aware of one.

Yup, water is the #1 cause of damage to MH. Prevention is the best thing you can do to your home.

As for the counter top, you can replace it fairly easy, not a hard DIY project. You can either replace the laminate or the counter top. Personally replacement of the vanity/counter top maybe easier than laminate replacement.

A Mobile Home Bible...LOL, yes we have one! Go to the BOOKS/PARTS link at the top of the page and you will find it there. If you do a search on site there are many reviews about this manual.

While you are up there check out all the other links, read the and Welcome sticky's. please read the Website Forum questions as well, lots of information there as well.

Again welcome to the site!

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I really like the look of the preassembled vanity sink combos I have seen at the home improvement stores, but I have yet to use one.
If the prices I have seen are for both the vanity and the sink they were decent. in a bigger sink, less splashing, right?

the idea that the vanities are already preassembled is appealing! I have done 2 assembly it yourself vanities, and I have a heck of a time getting the doors even on them lol.
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The cultured marble sink/counter one piece combo is a good way to go. Use the least abrasive cleaner possible and they will last many years.

If you are staying with a sink and laminate countertop combo, you probably would be better off getting a new countertop and installing the old (or a new) sink into it. Use new supply lines to faucet and replace any drain pipe, trap, etc that does not look good. I would also replace all of the pipe washers.

One way you may be able to get a bubble out of the laminate is to put a piece of paper bag over the area, then lightly heat the area with a clothes iron. The heat should soften any old adhesive under the laminate. Then put pressure on the iron while moving the bubble towards the edge. If this will work, it will work right away and should be fairly easy. If it does not take, it probably won't no matter how hard you work it. If the particle board substrate is water damaged or if the adhesive just did not get put in that particular spot, this repair won't work.

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Hi & welcome to the family. You did not say how old your home is, but if the counter top is starting to delaminate I would say it is time for replacement. There are many options avalable to you you can order one of many precut tops, or you can even make your own with 3/4" plywood and tile. It does take a little work but cost wise it makes a nice looking counter. Greg
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Hi TeresaLynn,

Yes, welcome to the family!

Most likely the problem you have is, laminate over a particle board base for the counter.

There is no way to repair particle board once it gets wet.

A small pre-cut piece of laminate doesn't cost that much at all! JD's idea of the cultured marble is also a great idea. These last for years! I've got the old 70's type, and for the most part they're in really good condition after 34 years.

As Greg said, tile is another option! It's a small enough area.

You will not regret buying Mark's repair manual! It's a must have, as well as this site for mobile home owners!

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