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I am putting down new underlayment and floating wood floors,
I want to relocate 2 vents in the living room and one in the kitchen, because they are in the middle of the rooms. What heating/a/c problems would I have if I move them to the outside walls? Should I use the same size duct work that is already in the middle of the home?
I have moved 3 others but they are in line with the central duct work.
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Hi Lorna,

You could experience uneven room temps, loss of airflow through doors and windows and walls easier.

Having to open up underbelly to move. Having to use flex duct which is not good in a MH underbelly due to mice/rodents.

The units and systems are designed to work with the ductwork as it is and any changes would need to remain inline with those specs.

I would have a Tech look at it before deciding and have him/her do the move if feasible.

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