my heater isn't working

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I have a propane heater it's a miller mmha075aahr-01.
we got home this evening and it was cold so we turned up the thermostat and got nothing. There is no propane smell. We tried resetting everything...turning off the power and heater and turning the thermostat low. Turned everything back on in the correct order and the heater turns on like it wants to go but it doesn't light. It shuts off and then tries again and again and the red light blinks on the box three times then shuts off. I turned the power off to the heater and shut everything else down and off so it can't come on at all. Any suggestions as to what it might be. Thank you for your time.
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Hi Kristy,

That could be an ignition module, ignitor, flame sensor if applicable, gas valve or false flame sensed problem.

Will need an hvac tech to test the heat cycle to locate and diagnose the problem area.

You may can then do a DIY repair from there. We have the parts once you know what is needed.

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