Robertshaw 7200ERCS question

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Mon Oct 20, 2008 11:14 am

Just bought a home with a Evcon 7970-856/E furnace and a Robershaw-Grayson 7200 ERCS-1 gas valve. I have tried and tried to light the pilot with no success. Ive used the instructions on the orange sticker on the furnace, the instruction manual that came with it, and other things online that I thought may have worked. I know that it's getting gas, I could smell it when I took the viewing window off to try and light it with a long lighter, though it still wouldnt light. I don't really want to blow myself up so I thought I would ask exactly what kind of pilot is this gas valve suspose to offer, standing or intermittent? Is there any special way to light it other than hold the level to SET and pray it works?

Also, the thing uses a Wotsco 7000AAF526 ignitor, the one with the orange wire coming out to produce a spark for the gas. I can hear it clicking as if it were trying, but I don't see any sparks inside the furnace. If I remove the wire outside at the little box and move the connector close it does arc to it.


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Tue Oct 21, 2008 5:04 am


Could be a problem with the reignitor module.

Reignitor Module # 7970-378P/B can be seen and ordered if

needed through Paypal from right side of page here :

Due to cost, would be best to call an hvac tech to diagnose correctly.

Be sure module switch is on.

Be sure you have 24vac to module.

Check for loose wiring connections and shorts to ground.

Be very careful, HIGH voltage at module with power on during sparking.

Spark gap should be 1/8" to 3/16"

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