insulation crawl space walls/skirting

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Sun Aug 24, 2008 5:11 pm

there are a few threads that I dug up that didnt really answer my concerns so I'm going to unfortunately start a new topic

background -14 x 70 sw 1985 general home in very,very good condition

the home is in an extreme cold climate (northern ontario canada -home of Shania Twain btw )

it sits on a cement pad /not dirt and has cinder block siding at approx same height as your standard skirting job

I've been under the home only a few times for a quick glance to see if everything was dry & to inspect the underbelly for any damage -everything seems fine

I would like to insulate the interior facing of the cinder blocks(skirting)in a very simple way but wanted to get your opinions first

I bought a few bags of pink insulation 6x26x47 and was simply going to line it up against the interior cinder block skirting piece by piece all the way around .Tuck it in nice and tight against the skirting and between the cement floor and underbelly.The pieces are almost a perfect fit between the cement pad and the underbelly and would seemingly just tuck in nicely with a little bit of maneuvering .

there are 4 rectangular vents that are 8 inches x 15 -one at each corner end of the trailer for the crawl space ventilation in the summer .Should I be leaving these open all summer and secondly should I fill them with pink insulation for the winters/re-open in summer ? .Last year I kept them open and nothing froze underneath but was advised by a few neighbours that they should be plugged up with some insulation for our types of winter.

I'm not a handy man , so please forgive me if this idea of a rookie insulation job seems a little wacko .I just figured theres nothing there for insulation and that this could be a simple way to at least put something between the cinder block skirting and me :oops:

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Sun Aug 24, 2008 7:43 pm


Yes, you can insulate your skirting. Check the Articles link above, although different skirting material the same principals apply.

Also look in the BOOKS/PARTS link, we have Automatic vents that close with temp changes.

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