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Thu Mar 01, 2007 8:15 am

You are quite welcome.
If you print out the message I sent you will find it is an actuasl Technical Service Bulletin from GM and can help you to show your dealerhip that you are informed and wish to be treated with the same respect as anyone else, gender should not be an issue.
It bothers me to hear that customers experience bias based on age or gender. I actually road test with my customers and bring them in to show them what is wrong and why. I also offer alternatives even if it means sending them to a less expensive competitor whom I trust and know will do quality work but offer a cheaper labor rate.
I would rather make a dollar a Thousand times than a thousand dollars once. In other words. the more farily I treat my customers, the more likely they will return. If it isn;t broke don't fix it, and never try to reinvent the wheel.
I have customers that stop in ask only for me or come directly into the service deparment bypassing the advisor just to ask me advice and or to reset their oil life light because they went somewhere else. I had a customer who has my cell phone ccall me on my day off, he came to the dealership because his brakes were pulsating when stopping. He had replaced the pads himself two months ago and had not resurfaced the rotors. He asked the advisor for a price on refinishing the rotors and was told it would cost him 129.95
the customer called me at home and I advised him to go to the local Napa auto parts store and purchase new rotors and install them himself. He did, it cost him 25.00 per rotor so for 50.00 he got new rotors and saved himself 79.95.
I am not trying to take business away from my company but I am also a firm believer that if a person wants to save some money and or they like to fix things themselves I aqm acutally helping to retain that customer when the time comes for bigger jobs he is not able or comfortable doing he will trust me to do the job and know he will not be overcharged and not give unnecessary repairs.
I am sorry for the longwinded reply.

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Thu Mar 01, 2007 5:33 pm

Hi Tim

Looks like I'm going to replace the plugs, wires and coil pack.

Is the BG Cleaning system something I can do or is it best left to the Ford dealer?

Many Thanks for the info.
Aside from the roof leak, soft floors, rats, mice and bursted plumbing ........ how do you like it?


Thu Mar 01, 2007 6:11 pm

Hello Harry,

Where can I buy BG brand products and services?
Go to :

and enter your zipcode. This site will direct you to a local authorized service center that carries BG brand products and performs BG services.

BG Products, Inc.
740 S. Wichita
Wichita, KS 67213

The fuel system requires a pressurized canister hooked up to shop air and yes you can do it yourself, however the canister is not cheap.
I recommend looking up the site above and finding a local shop and ask about the BG warranty because all services offer a warranty based on their services.
Hope this answers your question.