Mobile home replumb + Water heater; $15,000 estimate

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cost of electric repairs $1900
cost of adding drain field $4000
Needs full replumbing pex/drain pipes someone had plumbed with pressure fittings leaking + water heater, misc other work. $15,000. I think this estimate is overpriced on a single wide..

Haven't had my mobile home guy look yet, but he said the moisture wrap is around $3800

So I'm asking for a min 25k credit or running from this...
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I wouldn't be able to comment on the electrical repairs or drain field, but I have a lot of experience with plumbing entire mobile homes and replacing all underbelly. Professional mobile home repairs for over 30 years.

You could purchase all the PEx fittings, stop valves, corner supports, rings, etc. for your home, from for under $700. Buy pipe locally. Easier that way. It would take a trained helper and myself 2 days to plumb your home (incoming water only). Maybe one real long day. Even at today's high prices in California, I would think a bid around $4000 would be typical. Installing a water heater, $2000 to $3000, depending on your code requirements for the water heater. Where I am, a 30gal mobile home water heater is around $600 and it would take me less than a day. I would need help with the heavy lifting now. Getting old. Sometimes the subfloor under the WH needs to be repaired, but that is not a big job. I would think $400 would be a high price for that.

Replacing the underbelly would also be a long day or 2 day job. You can get an 80'x16' roll of Polyethylene Fabric Underbelly, for $223 +tx, $25 shipping on Amazon. So, maybe $3500?

I closed my general contractor business in 2014, but stay pretty close to the business. The labor costs are just my opinion, thinking $120.00 per hour for a 2-man crew. Geez, that's a lot of money! I may be an old man stuck in the past with sticker shock.
If my state would allow me to do this work as a handyman, I would be happy with a lot less.

I hope this helps.
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Due to a couple critters who were over-joyed with the ammenities offered by a nice warm belly - I had it all torn out. Every last drop of it. Then i had an outfit come in and do the spray foam. They did the bottom of the flooring and the joists - and anything else that go t in their way EXCEPT electrical connections. Since then - no critters.

FWIW - it was $750 to tear out the belly, and $1700 for the foam insulation.
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