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Hello all,

I am working on a bathroom in a 1996 dbl wide. I removed the trim boards from the seams and was going to mud, and tape them.

If I put a level across the seam, it is much taller than the rest of the wall. Approx. 1/4" at 12"-16" away from the seam on both sides in places.

The walls are the standard 3/8" vinyl wall paper junk.

I am thinking at this point, that I just need to tear them out and put up real sheet rock. Either that, or float the mud out 16" from the seam.

I appreciate any suggestions that you may have. Thank you.

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Is it possible that the studs are out of plane a bit? One(s) where the panel seams land on might be sticking out a bit and causing the hump?

I'm also contemplating a reno project that will need to consider this issue. No idea if I'll find the same discrepancy as you're finding...
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The people who owned my dblwide before me, took out all the seam trim, did a basic tape and bed, and then textured the walls. The tape has popped at every single seam simply due to "movement" of the walls.

i hate the seam trim as much as anyone else - but the eyesore of popped tape is just as bad.
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