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I own a 14X70 single wide trailer that was manufactrured in 1983. Trailer has a single central heating duct, system has a late model Miller high efficiency furnace.
Furnace works great but there appears to be significant leakage from the ducting. I discovered this issue due to cold drafts from registers when furnace is off and getting significant cold air leakage into trailer from exhaust vents, doors, outlets etc when furnace is running. If my guess is right the cold air leakage from outside is happening because return air has to be added to make up for the hot air leakage from the ductwork.
Can anyone help with a way to locate the leaks without removing the entire belly sheet under the trailer?
Also I have found a small latteral duct that runs bellow the shower and ends below the hot water heater compartment. This duct does not come into the trailer. Any idea why it was installed?
Thanks for your help.
Dave L.
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