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Moderators: Greg, Mark, mhrAJ333, JD

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Fri May 08, 2020 3:56 am

am replacing my kitchen and dining room flooring and doing a bit of remodeling.

I have a heater floor vent in my dining room-- about 2 feet from a wall. we step on in constantly. Am in the process of putting new flooring in. Will be laying down plywood over the crap paricle board- and would like to relocate the vent closer to the wall- so we are not constantly walking on it. I had the bathroom heater vent moved about a foot( from the middle of the room to closer to the wall- when I redid my bathroom. It has been wonderful. They used the hard galvanized ducting and didn't have to go under the home-- just extended it a bit.

I had the bathroom professional done. No problems.
what do you think? I dont know why they put these vents in such stupid places. My home is a 1972 double wide.

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Fri May 08, 2020 8:59 am

Their *stupidity* comes from the book of "Fastest and Cheapest"....with a one page chapter on real engineering. :)

I, too, had floor vents in places that would make your mama cry. One in the kitchen blew anything on the floor to the stove top. Another set less than a foot from a toilet always provided a new experience at the throne. The manufacturer's "one run and done" mentality leaves much to be desired.

All of that said - just remember that any bends, twists, or turns made in the ducting will impact air flow to some degree - probably not enough to make a difference at just one vent. Also - stick with the hard pipe. Critters can't chew through it. Flex duct presents the greatest restrictive load to air flow.
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