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Are you having a skateboard that you now do not feel like it but it is still totally in a pristine condition? So a good way for you, in this case, is to offer it for someone to make some money from it.

These days offering something for sale is simpler and much more convenient than before due to the development of the Internet. You can make a sale of your used skateboarding in order for other folks to relish it, and obviously afterward you can buy a new skateboard for yourself. You can read skateboard purpose to check out our review of the best board now.

What you might wonder next is the resale price you should offer. It would be dependent on various constituents. For example, how much did they cost at the time you bought it. These comprise the deck, the wheels, the trucks, and other parts. When did you start to use it? Does it embrace any serious harm? After that, base on these concerns, you will take 50% of the entire cost to be the resale price.


It is common that the buyer would like to propose a deal for a cheaper price in conformity with his or her budget. What you need to do is take it into consideration along with the initial price and decide if you are munificent enough.

Take your board, make it clean, and be well-prepared to sell it!


This is a trading platform particularly for sports equipments which would be an ideal place to make a sale of your used skateboards. What you need to do is just creating an account, post your article, and fix your price. And then await someone to purchase it. Regarding the freight cost, you do not need to take care of it as the buyer will be the one to pay for it. After the order is placed, you have to print out the bill of lading, pack it, and deliver it to the buyer.

The big concern is how does the buyer pay the money back to you after buying your skateboarding? The buyer can prepay for the full amount. After the product is shipped and approved, you can make a transference to your account. Sideline Swap will deduct 9% from the total amount you get.

In case you do not know which price is okay to offer, it gives you the recommended approximation to make your selling a little bit easier.


It is similar to Sideline Swap, an exclusive website for sports equipment. But the special characteristic about Gear Trade is that it allows you to set the price on a scale of money amount. The selling price will range in ascending order and the deals fluctuate from 10 to 90%. This is so surprising for many people.


This is a website of the Canadian. It generates money by giving a place to people to trade all the unused stuff that might be occupying people’s houses and then reduce the nation’s dissipation. Besides trading old stuff, this website also offers jobs for job hunters.


Craiglist is admittedly among the biggest and most well-known digital sorted ad website these days. It was originally set up in San Francisco that is specifically for job opportunities, real estate, and social platforms. It also helps you to post the unused stuffs you want to sell in order for the purchasers to see them and might like to click to buy them.


Obviously, we can not omit eBay from this list. We all know that we can have everything we look for from this website. It is like the whole shopping mall dwindled away to an online site. Whatever you intend to buy something brand-new or old, simple or fancy, familiar or uncommon, fashionable or unique - they are all available on eBay. So do not hesitate to put the information on your skateboard up to eBay now.

Besides freely selling your old skateboards, you may indulge yourself with scrolling down unlimited skateboarding items on this website all day long. In case choosing skateboards products really baffles you as you do not know what is really necessary and what not to buy, you can Click here to get more insight


Facebook already released the market place function for the users. That is an ideal site to sell your skateboard as Facebook has huge users and a considerable digital interaction among them. A pro when trading on Facebook is the purchasers can know well the sellers’ profile

. It is very simple, like posting a normal status but now you have to make a post of an item and share it in other buying and selling groups. Then you will have to negotiate with your buyer and deal with the whole process.

If you're a beginner, then learn about the best skateboard for beginners !
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Their *stupidity* comes from the book of "Fastest and Cheapest"....with a one page chapter on real engineering. :)

I, too, had floor vents in places that would make your mama cry. One in the kitchen blew anything on the floor to the stove top. Another set less than a foot from a toilet always provided a new experience at the throne. The manufacturer's "one run and done" mentality leaves much to be desired.

All of that said - just remember that any bends, twists, or turns made in the ducting will impact air flow to some degree - probably not enough to make a difference at just one vent. Also - stick with the hard pipe. Critters can't chew through it. Flex duct presents the greatest restrictive load to air flow.
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