Approximate A/C BTU size for 12' x 60' Mobile Home

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50-year old 2-BR old mobile home, slightly thicker wood paneling than the usual
newer and thinner stuff I see, throughout.
12' x 60' home: 720 sf
11 jalousie windows totaling 100 sf
Old style interior storm windows held in place by rotating teardrop shaped retainers.
One inch aluminum miniblinds all around
4" thick walls with original insulation.
Crawl space insulation barrier 25% critter-compromised
Floor covering premium carpet & pad throughout except for kitchen 9x12 linoleum/108sf.

Asking for BTU size for one A/C wall unit only, to be placed in the combined area of living room and kitchen/all one big open space, then hallway runs from the open space/adjacent to exterior wall into MBR, passing by second bedroom and bathroom doors.

Asking because this following unit/link is rated for cooling 440sf, but 2 or three reviews say it will do more.
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