Moving my HW tank outside.

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Sun Mar 01, 2020 7:37 pm

The great outdoors for my hot water tank
I live in a mobile home and as in all mobile homes space is a premium.
We are in the process of remodeling the master bath which has the hot water tank in an enclosed area. The tank itself is in need of replacement and my plan is to get a new tank and move it outdoors. This will reclaim the area that the tank is in and open up the toilet shower area. My outdoor enclosure for the new tank will be a RubberMaid type and also give me some room for rakes and shovels.
1) do I have restrictions on the type of tank I can use in a mobile home ? Or because it’s outside it shouldn’t matter ?
2) I plan on a 50 gal tank. Besides the size does it matter if it’s a tall or short tank ? Mine now is a tall boy.
3) I live in central Florida and I think having it outside I would also save some on heating the tank because of the hot temps we get.
4) any other ideas ?

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Mon Mar 02, 2020 7:59 am

I can't see any reason as far as federal HUD regulations, but there may be local codes involved so check with your code officer first.

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Tue Mar 03, 2020 8:35 pm

You sound like a capable handy guy - and I am thinking that for the cost of a new tank plus some means to shelter it - it may be about the same to do one or those wall mounted tankless water heaters. You didn't say which you have, but they come in either gas or electric. If doing electric, usually there will be requirement information as to breakers and wire size/distance, etc.included with the unit.

Right now, my WH is in a closet on the far end of my place. I've replaced it once - and it was a real life PIA. Not again. I will install a tankless unit, run a new power line, and then the main water supply line.
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