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Maybe this forum isn't monitored any more? But I can try. At my parents, there's quite a bit of dust in the air when the heat kicks on. My parents said they had some new filters to put in, but that whenever they change them, there's nothing on them. I'd put those "cloth" floor-vent filters in several months ago, and pulled one out, and it was quite dirty. There are people and cats here, so the filters simply CANNOT be clean because there's nothing in the air to filter.
Yet, when I looked, there was nothing on them. And the date written on one was from last May. The pics aren't the best.
_Furnace & A-coil.jpg
I know nothing about this type of furnace. It's a mobile (manufactured?) home; I assume it's a downflow furnace, based on what I've read. My parents bought the home used, and have just been doing what was done before, including using the same type/size of filters.
They have the Owner's Manual, but it says NOTHING about filters. I've searched online but found very little. Do the filters just sit on the sides of the A-coil?? I think my parents might have the wrong size (I've seen 16x20 mentioned a few places), but they're using the size that was used by the previous owners.
As you can see in the pics, the filter on the right is very loose and barely stays "in place." The filter on the left has to be crammed behind all the stuff in the way (on the top & the bottom). That doesn't seem right.
There are 2 doors to the furnace alcove. I assume the top door, which is in front of the A-coil, is actually the Return Air vent? I can't find another one in the house. There's nothing on the interior of that door (and even the 20x20 filters my parents have are too small to fit there). Sister has a similar furnace, and her filter goes on the door. But there's no room for a filter on that door here.
_Door Interiors_Bottom on left.jpg
The bottom door has the black "hair" thing on it. I've read that isn't a filter, but some sort of insulation. It looks vaguely dirty, but looked the same after I vacuumed it off.
So first questions:
What size filters should be used for this unit, and WHERE do they go?
Next, the last time Dad and I were looking at the furnace, I noticed that the black ducting at the top of the A-coil runs up to the roof, where there's a vent of some sort, but it's not connected to ANYTHING on the bottom end. There's a hose clamp around it, but it's just sitting there loose on top of the A-coil. This seems probably more important than the filters. So next questions:
What the [expletive-expletive]?? And WHERE should that attach? I saw nothing around the A-coil that looked like it would attach there. But...I suppose it should attach somewhere by the Blower or the Heat Exchanger? So somewhere around the bottom piece?
Last item. About a year/year-and-a-half ago, there was water running out of the furnace alcove. It was because one of those 2 drainage pipes (as seen in the circle) was clogged. I don't remember which one, for sure. But we were trying to suction stuff out of it and managed to unclog it enough that it would be okay over-night (since it was a Sunday). The HVAC company sent a "tech" out the next day, and he cleaned out the drain pipe. Could that pipe have clogged up because the filters aren't actually doing anything?
Also, I kinda assume that while here, the tech should've done a quick look at he should have, say, noticed the vent duct wasn't attached to anything. My parents have mentioned just calling the HVAC company to come out and help with the filters. I'm arguing that perhaps they should call a different company--one that might notice "small issues" like disconnected ducting??
TYIA for any help/advice!!
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