Tub replacement - Blevins/Lyons acrylic shower?

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I removed a 27x54 plastic bathtub from our bathroom - it was a major pain. It is a TINY bathroom, and it seems to me that it would be SO much easier to replace it with a 27x54 shower, which my wife is cool with. I found this unit.


My Supplier says they don't really like the Acrylic, but I don't really understand why. It is Acrylic backed with Fiberglass and it is super heavy-duty compared to the cheap plastic unit that was there, and lasted since 1989. We do not have kids, and are pretty gentle on our appliances.

Has anyone had good or bad experience with this type of acrylic?

I would go with fiberglass, but acrylic is the only thing that I can get with a left hand drain. I do NOT want to alter the plumbing just to go to fiberglass.

Seems to me that my tiny wife will be fine with the acrylic shower and 3-piece wall.

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many have had no problems with acrylic, many home centers can order units in for you. You may find that you can move a wall with out much problem and fit a larger unit in.

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