Furnace full of water

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I own a mobile home with a Miller Nordyne model CMF65-PO oil furnace which I fuel with kerosene. I’ve owned the home through two heating seasons. I serviced the furnace several times since I’ve owned the home. I’ve never before noticed any water coming out if the burner section of the furnace. When I went to service the furnace for the upcoming heating season I noticed rusty water coming out of the burner combustion section. I removed the Beckett burner to tune it up and I opened the fire box to clean it out. The combustion chamber was full of water up to the burner blast tube. I sucked the water out and removed the combustion chamber which was saturated with water. I found water in the steel hot side of the furnace where the combustion chamber goes. What could be causing this? It seems like way too much water for condensation although I did find the combustion gas exit ports in the back of the furnace to be pretty clogged with rust and debris. Could it be rain water entering through the exhaust stack. Thanks. Ken
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