Blower motor shuts down too soon

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Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:30 pm

So my blower motor shuts off before reaching desired set temp. I have a Colman evcon Presidential 7900C model 7956C856. Here’s the usual confusing part. I have an outdoor furnace and the gas/propane burner is disabled. I have a second thermostat that is for the blower only!!! I have a heat exchanger in the space in the bottom of the furnace. The thermostat goes to a relay and then too blower. Basically I set heat to a desired temp and the blower will run for 20-30 minutes and shut off for about same amount of time and kick back on. On cold nights, if my temp is set at 70, I wake up to 65 degrees! It keeps shutting off. I’m told it’s overloading itself! Here’s what I’ve done! I’ve rewired everything many different ways to troubleshoot. I even wired the blower directly and it still shuts off!! So it’s not thermostat or relay. Also, the motor itself is extremely hot! Can’t hold hand on it!!! I checked ducked work and all seems intact and the heat exchanger does not seem to be overly dirty or covered with lint! I live in a mobile home. I have friends that have a 2 story house and same heat set up and they have to open windows in winter!! That’s what I want!!! Also, when I got this thing 8 years ago everything was fine. But year 2 I had to replace the motor then too. Same problem but the motor just stopped and never started again. I need some help! Why is this thing doing this ?