Basic questions 86 Fleetwood interior remodel

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I have a few questions regarding renovating a 1986 14’ x 70 Fleetwood mobile home. I am sure these are basic questions but just am trying to steer the new homeowner in the correct direction.

I recently sold my 1986 Fleetwood and the new owner would like to make some major interior renovations. It is all interior work but I just wanted to make sure she isn’t doing something that is not recommended. This much I can tell you is that it has 2X4 exterior framing on 16” centers. Likewise, the roof is on 16” centers as well but not 2X4. The house had paneling which she has removed and now she is intending to put drywall up. It seems, if I remember correctly that drywall wasn’t recommended. It seems I read that on this site about 10 years ago but maybe not, maybe it was floor tile only that was not recommended. So, her plan is to put ½” sheetrock on the walls and ceiling. Her plan is to use the furring strips on the ceiling and just apply the sheetrock to that. If sheetrock is okay would 3/8 be preferred? Secondly, the kitchen, dining and living area has a cathedral ceiling (the other rooms a flat ceiling. Her plan is to put is to put 2” rigid insulation over the existing cathedral ceiling white rigid foam ceiling currently there and then sheetrock. My concern on that idea is won’t there be an issue with the vapor barrier or is that what rigid foam (on 16” centers) acting as a vapor barrier? The question is there any issues putting 2” of new insulation next to the existing white foam ceiling.

The house is completely weather tight as all original windows have been replaced with Kolbe windows, all siding has been replaced with new 50-year siding and a new metal roof has been installed as well as all the original gray colored water lines have been replaced with pex.
One other question she asked is about the exposed water lines under the trailer. This is in CO and it can get cold. But the trailer has 3” insulation behind all the skirting. So, would the best thing be to make sure the pex lines are close to the floor then insulate them from below, or heat tape or…? Most water lines are currently inside the black belly membrane but some are exposed underneath.

Thanks so much – she’ll probably have a few more questions.

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