Bathroom subfloor water damage from toilet supply line

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Mon Jul 23, 2018 7:29 pm

Good afternoon folks,

I recently had quite a leak in my second bathroom. The subfloor Underneath the toilet was damaged real bad. I have since removed the damaged area and installed some new 5/8” plywood. I inspected the floor joist and they are in good condition. However, I feel as though i have rushed installing the plywood and am concerned that what i have done is a temporary fix. The original particle board was affected underneath the wall behind the toilet and i just don’t know how to go about fixing that location. The wall is on a joist so i am guessing it is load bearing. The doorway has also been affected and around the vent. I had thoughts about sanding down the area to level it, but may need to replace instead. Not sure if sanding is even possible on particle board. I started to install some vinyl click lock flooring, but stopped to re think things through. Thoughts and comments? Home is a 2000 Commodore. I have a few pictures, but am getting an file size error in an attempt to upload.

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Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:20 pm

Unless you are in a double wide (the marriage wall is load bearing) or a 2 story mobile I doubt the wall is load bearing.
Cut as close to the joist and sister up a 2x to the floor joist to screw the new subfloor to. I would replace as much as possible with plywood since it it is a bathroom to insure against any future problems. Use liquid floor leveling compound to make a nice smooth surface.

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