Need to remove a stripped Allen wrench-type plug from the OUT PRESS port on top of gas valve

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Need to remove a stripped Allen wrench-type plug from the OUT PRESS port on top of a Robertshaw 720-472 gas valve.

There are a couple of threads showing above the flat, horizontal surface of the valve body. I was thinking of trying to grab it with some type of pliers, but the metal seems soft and afraid I might do nothing but chew it up.

Thought about trying to force a flat-bladed screwdriver into it, but wondering if that would also do nothing but chew it up more when trying to turn it. The gas valve is 23-yrs. old per the date code. Afraid it might have been a little tough to remove even with the correct size hex key, before it got stripped.

I do have a replacement plug for the port.

Anybody have experience with this? Grateful for any help.
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A little late to be helpful but for anyone else, you're best option is to order a strip socket for the size Allan head you stripped, either online or a tool truck if available to you. That being said neither is very convenient in a pinch. My suggestions would follow
Try upping to next closest size you have
Wrap the wrench in electrical tape once or twice
Use a slightly larger torx bit and lightly tap it in, do not hit it hard, if it does not easily tap in try a smaller size,
Another option is using a strip bit for Phillips head that's slightly larger than the Allan head.
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