Do you get a Home owner discount on auto policy?

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I just called and they told me that they do not offer that discount for mobile homes.

Does anyone who rents a lot and has a mobile home get this discount?

All they told me was that I could bundle (buy more insurance) and get a reduced rate on the extra insurance. I don't want to spend more and I don't think they would insure my 1974 home. so the best I could do is get renters insurance.
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Contact an insurance broker not insurance companies directly. A broker will find a company that will insure your home and get the best rate.
There is no substitution for home insurance. I often hear of fund raisers for individuals that lose their home to fire and have no insurance coverage. I have zero compassion for those individuals that gamble on not having coverage and lose the bet. Most will say the can not afford the insurance but that is a lame excuse when they lose it all.
I recommend if possible that you get replacement value not actual value coverage. That way if you lose the home you will get a new one not simply the value of the old home.

On the other hand the home must be worth insuring in the first place. if the home is only worth a couple of thousand there really isn't much point in paying to insure it.
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Shop around, if nothing else work the other way and find a company that will insure your home first then add the auto.

I had Allstate for years until my agent retired, the new one just screwed up time after time. I'm with State Farm now, still get multi discount.

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I actually just switched our auto insurance to our mobile home policy to take advantage of the discount. Its a fairly sizeable discount. We go through Farmers.
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