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Tue Aug 21, 2007 1:50 pm

I recently aquired a circa 1976 mobile home. It sat empty for about a year or more. The water pipes going into and coming out of the hot water heater look like galvanized pipes. My problem is water is not making it to the bathrooms. We have full cold water and partial hot water in the kitchen sink but nothing to very little coming out in the bathrooms. Could the water pipes be clogged? Can they be cleared? If we have to replace the water pipes what type of pipe should I use? Thanks for your help.

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Tue Aug 21, 2007 4:14 pm

Hi & welcome to the family. If you have galvanized pipes that were dry for a year then it is very likly that it is blocked with rust & other crud.
Depending on finances there are a few ways to go. you could try shutting the water off and using air blow backwards to try to move the blockage. take the aeriators off ot the faucets to keep them from pluging with rust, in fact check them first they may already be plugged.
If you still have a blockage it comes down either taking the system apart untill you find the problem or replacing the lines (PEX is the best choice) and ending the problem.
Post back with any questions. Greg
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Tue Aug 21, 2007 11:17 pm

Hi dbstepp, welcome to the forum!

I have to agree with Greg! The first step would be to take of all aerators and let the water flow for a good 20 minutes to clear the gunk out. This includes shower heads and all other faucets. Shower heads may need to be replaced! If there is too much gunk inside the shower head, there is no saving it.

I'll add one more step, because I have no idea where you're located. If the water is still not coming out, ya have to check under the home for leaks! This is very important in a home of your vintage. Those of us with older mobiles need to keep water damage minimal. We all have a good portion of our homes, if not all, that have particle board subfloors. When water mixes with our floors, it turns to sawdust quickly.

If the aerators aren't the problem and you have no leaks, then move on to Greg's suggestion. Like Greg mentioned, replumbing with PEX is the best option.

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