Push Connect Fittings on Polybutylene

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I have used both Shark Bite and Brass Craft. I know shark bite makes a Polybutylene to Pex conversion. Brass Craft says their push to connect are only for copper, pex, and CPVC but I have used on Polybutylene with great success. The plumbing guy at Home Depot says they work great, just no warranty. What is you opinion of brass push connect fittings on Polybutylene ? I live in an older 1996 mobile home that hasPolybutylene. IOW, my home was manufactured right before they stopped using poly and converted to pex so it is what it is. My mobile home is 27 years old. I have made 3 bathroom repairs using brasss craft push connect fittings and they all work great......no leaks whatsoever. What are your thoughts on this? Am I flirting with a flooding disaster or not in your opinion?
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Old post as I haven't been on this site in a while. If you take a piece of poly and a piece of PEX a piece of CPVC and a piece of copper you will see the poly is a different size. That in itself would make me not use a Sharkbite on poly for anything more than a very temporary fix. It will possibly work but better to fix it right. The right fix is replacement of all of the poly, no way around it.
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