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So I live in a the state of MO in a 1980 mobile home. It's had it's problems over the years including a roof leak. I found one leak and sealed it top and bottom with Flex Seal liquid. After I fixed the leak I left the ceiling and insulation down to make sure I had the leak fixed. No leaks, even after a couple months of rain and storms hitting the roof. I figured I was good so I put up insulation and vapor barrier but no ceiling as of yet. We've had a couple days where it has gotten below freezing and I just noticed a couple places where the insulation has gotten wet. What's happening and where is the water coming from? What am I missing? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Additional information: I was told to seal the seam where the roof attaches to the wall. So I used a good rubber/plastic type sealer for roofs to seal all around this seam. I'm just lost as to why it didn't leak in the late summer and early fall weather but is in these last cold couple days we've had here in central, MO.
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if your interior vapor barrier is not 100% spot on water vapor may have accumulated/pooled on your plastic that you installed and now found the weak link. If it had plastic in the roof before. When installed at the plant the plastic was 100% coverage, hanging down over all sides of the house aprox 6 inches and had no seams.
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