Sagging floor under toilet, need help with size of shutoff fittings

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Trying to diy replacing sagging floor under toilet. I was hoping to salvage the section where my water line/water shutoff come through the floor so I wouldn't have to touch that. But the particle board is pretty flaky there, and I'd like to upgrade to a ball valve type shutoff. My problem is that I need to remove the old shutoff and cap the line while I'm replacing the floor. Anybody work on older mobile homes (mine is 1979) with black polybutylene lines that can tell me what size these fittings are and what type? The line is only 1/2" od, 5/16" id. Then there appears to be a fitting crimped into that which threads to the valve connection. But I don't know if it's a male or female or the size. Since all the replacement valves seem to be 1/2" x 3/8" female compression, is the crimped in fitting a male 1/2" compression? I need to cap it off there as far as I can tell, so I can still have water to my house during what will probably turn into a long project. I have a picture that's taken where I've already cut out some flooring around the toilet flange, so you can see what's above and below the floor. But now I can't find how to upload it. Argghhhh.... Help please?
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Nobody here anymore? I'm leaning toward the 1/2" iron pipe fitting. AKA straight not tapered threads. Comments? Questions? Observations?
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I have seen where those types of fittings have been discussed here as one of the moderators is a professional plumber. But! It seems there ain't nobody here but us chickens anymore. Not sure what has happened - but it's pretty much dead.
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IF you have a Home Depo or Lowes close by do the following.
Cut of black pipe below floor.
Take pipe and shutoff to one of the above stores and they should have shark bite fittings that fit that pipe.
Or take picture of the item to the store before cutting and they should be able to send you home with the fittings.
Purchase section of pipe and shutoff with riser and you should be in business.
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Hope this helps.
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