Eb15b sequencer & limit switch testing

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Yes I still have a working Eb15b, kind of. A couple years ago I had only one element working, and the repair guy said I needed a new sequencer and one limit switch was bad. So he swapped the limit switches around (I think) to where I had two elements working. I've left it this way because I couldn't afford to fix it right, and at least it's kept my house warm. Now I have the parts and want to get it fixed, assuming all 3 elements running would be more efficient, but have not been able to get him to come install the new sequencer and limit switch that I bought. I had replaced the sequencer once before, with help from this forum, so I have that testing process printed out. But I don't know how to test which limit switch is bad.

Can somebody tell me how to figure out which limit switch is bad? I'm giving up on my repairman and am sure I can do it myself with a little advice. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post, but I wanted to provide as much detail as possible 😁
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