LVP and direct sunlight

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We have a sliding glass exterior door, laundry room door with glass pane and a couple of windows all facing south. We get direct sunlight on the floor to varying degrees through these. Everything I'm reading says no direct sunlight on luxury vinyl plank. The two most common suggestions seem to be curtains/blinds and awnings to avoid the direct sunlight. Floor dealer acts as if he's never heard of a problem with direct sunlight. Flooring warranties disclaim direct sun damage. I have found a number of web posts indicating that it caused buckling. SPC seems to do better than WPC with this issue.

Anyone have experience with this? Is there any LVP that can be used in direct sunlight south-facing areas? It's hard to believe that every home with LVP is shaded on the south side or keeps the blinds closed all day.

One other possible fix I found was to use special UV-blocking window tint but I saw where this can damage the glass if the glass isn't rated to withstand the heat produced by the film. Good grief.

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