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OK can anyone tell me what happened to water heaters, for the past 30+ yrs the trailer I have has has a 40 gallon MOBILE home water heater made by GE and a few others, but was called a MOBILE HOME WATER HEATER< due to it had a more narrow tank, they were all under 19 inches wide, and all were 120 volt heating elements (two units)
been having tanks replaced about every 5 yrs, so local Home Depot and Lowes always had them in stock
well, time is coming up to replace tank again, and I cannot find a tank to buy, seems NO one makes them anymore,
only tanks I can find now are all 220 volt, and I even contacted GE and asked them and the people I spoke to all said they had NOTHING to tell me, other than don;t make anymore!

was there some new law passed or something that stopped these 120 volt tanks from being made
I have to think I am not alone in using them, as they were designed for mobile homes?

and can anyone tell me what they replaced there old apparently unavailable no longer made 120 volt tanks with ??

my trailer is old and cannot add a 220 line to get a 220 volt heater installed without re doing a whole new fuse box and a lot of electrical work, if I have to do electrical work like that, thinking of a tankless heater set up, over these water heater, seems like less up keep for the long run?

anyone do this and if so, what did you go to and dhow do you like it?
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