Filling crawlspace and rerouting water

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Hi guys,

Bought a used MH a while back that didn't have a vapor barrier installed over the ground. Planning on putting one down here the in next couple days. Wanted to reach out with a couple questions I had:

1. There are several holes and also some small pathways the rainwater has dug out. Want to fill them so I have a flat surface to cover. Will the dirt that's already in the yard work fine? Have read about using sand, but that in high humidty areas (yep, we live in NWFL) it will create moisture problems. Any advice?
2. Property slopes down from front to back, and home sits about in the middle. So theoretically when it rains, water does run away from the house. It's just that it first runs into and under the crawlspace. No slope from left to right, so the sides just fall the same. House is skirted with vinyl. Is it best to try to re-route the water (ie French drain, etc)? or add some materials (cinder blocks, silt fence, etc) to help keep the water from washing out under the crawlspace?

Right now it doesn't even need to look top notch, I just need to get it handled. I appreciate your input! Thanks!

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