Unit Starts then Stops - Ignition Failure

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Coleman Model: DGAA056BDTA

My apologies for the length, but I want to be as detailed as possible.

Unit does pre-purge(?), I hear a click, the igniter glows, another click, flames, blower starts, unit comes on, immediately another click, flame goes out, unit remains on blowing air, 15 seconds another click, igniter glows, click, flames, click, flame goes out, 15 seconds, repeat.

It goes through the click, light, flame, click, no flame cycle five times. This entire time, the status light is solid and the unit is blowing fan-only air. After the 5th time the status light flashes one time steady (Ignition Failure) and the unit turns off completely after about 30 seconds.

If I turn off the thermostat or lower the temperature to where it no longer calls for heat (it was still calling for heat), the status light goes solid again. If it turn it back on to heat or raise the temperature to call for heat, this process starts all over again.

Before I call in the repair guys...flame sensor?

Side note: The AC portion of this unit works flawlessly.

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