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We had a problem with condensation under our house that started just this year , all vents are open i even made a screen door to allow more air flow...After several attempts to find our issue a busted drain line was found...During this repair it was noticed with the floor opened up, that when a door between the room with the AC system and the kitchen was closed it was pulling air from the crawl space, door open it was fine The main issue this is causing is swells in the floor through the house, humidity was around 60-65%. 5 years ago this system was replaced it went from a 2 ton unit to a 3 ton .My wife really doesn't want to remove the door, but it doesn't seem the AC can pull enough air if we close it...The door is vented. Any suggestions to a fix? I am having a crawl space dehumidifier installed, also have one inside the home thats taking a gallon of water a day out.
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