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I am fairly sure this is the wrong place for a new post, but I am new and can't find how to post a new roofing subject. So, my apology in advance. My posting would be entitled "Roof over". Back last September, Hurricane Irma tore the roof er halfway off of my 1962 mobile home. FEMA was very supportive. There was a lot of other damage as well. There was no leakage from the ceiling and, so far, this has remained the case: although the ceiling "white board/whatever s called is sagging and coming loose. This was happening to a lesser degree before Irma. My question is "Is the roof over necessary? Could I just remove it altogether? And, if there are holes in the roof itself just have a handyman fix these? Given the age and overall poor condition of the mobile home. (rot in celing around sewer vent pipe, electrical problems, massive damage from termites, rot in a few corners of the flooring etc; I really don't want to put much money into this structure. It is primitively still livable and I cannot afford a new manufactured home at this time unless I accept the SBA's loan offer which requires putting y land up as collateralThank you
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Given the age and condition of the home before the storm I would seriously look at upgrading to a new (newer) home.
The roof alone is going to be in the $4k range minimum.
Putting land (real estate) up is the normal way since in many states a Mobile home is personal property just like a car.

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