Intertherm outdoor a/c unit, blower not turning off. Model unknown rating plate is faded out.

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Last year I had to replace the cooling fan motor on my outdoor a/c unit(all in one) after installing the new motor I hit the t-stat and the unit came right on, after a few minutes of watching it run I realized the fan was spinning the wrong direction. Easy fix, just switched the reversible wire harness and it spun in the correct direction. At this point I had asked my wife to turn the t-stat off and the unit turned off, at least I thought it did. After the cooling fan slowed down I could hear a humming coming from the unit, I removed the access panel and the blower motor is continuing to run at half speed. I disconnected the t-stat and just jumped the wires together to see if it was something to do with the t-stat, but it just continued to spin at half speed. The only way I was able to get it to stop was turning the main breaker off. Could the capacitor be drawing some type of phantom voltage through it, keeping it running or is the capacitor just bad and should be replaced?
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