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Hi All,

Lighting the pilot on my Coleman furnace is always, an interesting affair. Last year I broke the plastic knob and that just made it even more challenging. I can't share enough words of caution on this subject. If your town offers a furnace turn on service, use it.
My hair and eyebrows will grow back. The flesh and function of my left hand, the jury is still out of that subject.

California has decided that my Coleman furnace is a hazard. The Gas Co. came out and put Red Stickers all over the unit. The nice Gas Co. worker shared about some unadvertised furnace replacement program. If I was willing to jump through a few hoops, I could get a new furnace- free.

So now, I'm getting a new furnace. It can't get here soon enough. AS I type this, it's 58 degrees, inside my home, that's cold. A new electric heater keeps the bedroom warm but the rest of the trailer, uninhabitable.

I replaced the AC potion of the system a few years back. The issue has always been, the duct work. In 1976 Golden West Mobile Homes the duct work is small. The incoming HVAC air enters from ceiling registers and exits through floor registers. My trailer is about 1700sq ft.
A few questions:
I'll open up the ceilings, but is replacing the duct work an option? If yes, how big should it be? Does the return duct work, need to be changed? or will it still work with just the incoming ducts made bigger?
The issue is the summer heat. If changing the duct work is a relatively simple fix, I'll pay to get that done when they change the furnace, if not, scrap the idea.
I like to be as prepared as possible when discussing things with professionals. The more I know, the less they take advantage of me. Any info or questions I should ask or know on this subject will help me out. Please answer or share anything you know on this with me.
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These are questions you need to ask the installer. I think it will depend on the new furnace. Most furnaces now don't have cold air ducts, they draw from the room.

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