Quieting A Properly Working Intertherm M7RL045A

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Hello from a new home in Northern Alberta.

This is my first manufactured home. Previously I had a "normal" home with an old furnace in the basement. The new home/furnace makes a fair bit more noise than the old one and I am having trouble getting used to the new M7RL045A.....especially sleeping. :(

I noticed the heat switch has four speed settings. The manual says the standard setting is the lowest but mine is set one notch higher, i.e. the second lowest. I was thinking of trying the lowest setting to gain a little more quiet but I understand there will be an increased heat differential across the burner which might cause issues, trip the limit switch etc. I want to try and measure this temperature difference directly but the manual is not clear on how to do this. It says measure "as close as possible" to the burner. Does this mean the closest register, or must I poke holes inside the furnace assembly tubings somewhere?

One other question.....is there a way to convert the M7RL045A such that it becomes a linear closed loop controlled system with an infinitely variable speed and the fan running constantly and slower? This way I would eventually tune out the noise, plus no cracks and pops from the duct work when it would otherwise shut off.
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