Replacement Fuse Type for Intertherm Furnace

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I awoke one morning to find no heat coming from my FEH-012HA-04 Intertherm furnace.
Standing near the unit, I could feel heat radiating from it but the blower was not going.
After a little troubleshooting I found that there are two circuits which are fused separately.
One circuit (call it A) powers one heating element plus the blower motor when the motor is set to come on automatically whenever the thermostat calls for heat.
The other circuit (call it B) powers a second heating element and the blower motor when the motor is set to be always on.
I found the 30 Amp fuse for circuit A had disintegrated. It was marked 30 Amp "NON".
At Lowes I found two types of replacement fuse. One was marked 30 Amp "NON" and the other was marked: 30 AMP "FRN-R-30". Reading the packages it looks like the "NON" type is appropriate to protect circuits like heating elements while the "FRN-R-30" type is more suited for circuits with high startup current demands (like a blower motor). I replaced the blown fuse with the "FRN-R-30" type since it protects a circuit with a blower motor (and a heating element).
Since I am using a different fuse type than what was originally there I wanted to make sure I am not missing something.
Is there any drawback (other than the higher cost) to using the "FRN-R-30" type fuse in this application? I suspect it should have been this type to begin with.
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