thermostat wiring ?

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I posted some questions about my Honewell thermostat back in November. thank you for your input on getting it fixed but I had to call a repair man cause nothing worked. long story short after he looked at it for 30 minutes he told me that it was wired wrong and I didn't have a wire for power. He said all I would have to do is add another thermostat wire for the power ( it's the Honeywell wi-fi thermostat) my question is lowes has wire 18-2 and its 50 foot long I only need the one wire so that would work right? and I will prolly need more than 50 ft so i bought two rolls. Can I wire nut and tape the two rolls together so it's long enough? will that work? Thank You for any input you can give me.
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You could do it that way, but why risk creating a problem by having a connection in the middle? If you have a problem down the road, the first thing I would have to look at would be that connection in the middle (the one that will be next to impossible to get to) .
If you are just going to run a single wire, any hardware or auto supply store should have a single wire in bulk.

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what kinda wire would u recommend? I just to make sure that I got it right and all since it is for the power part.
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I think what Greg is trying to say is to buy a wire that is long enough. You can buy single strains of wire at auto stores/big box hardware stores. Instead of having a splice somewhere.
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