extending the main duct trunkline

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The main trunk line runs the whole length of the mobile home and due to some remodeling, I wanted to move a floor register in the back bedroom to the end of the line. After having some flooring up and looking as best we could we decided the line did extend the whole length of the trailer. So we determined the new location for the floor register and cut it out. Lo and behold the trunk stopped short about 6" from where we needed it. And the end had been squished and rolled up like the end of a toothpaste tube. So there is probably another 8-10" of unusable trunk line.

My question is how best to open the trunk and extend it. Does it have to be made of the same square shaped aluminum material? I actually have extra insulated flex duct in several sizes. Could we cut off the end and just attach the flex?
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I doubt that for one register there is a right or wrong way as long as it is sealed up and not leaking any air flow.

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