Central Air unit leaking water into underbelly

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I went over to my daughters to do some yard work and noticed the underbelly sagging really low(we are in the process of doing the skirting), its directly behind the outside unit. All the underbelly is intact so all I did today was poke a hole in for the water to drain. I do not know the make and model but can get it tomorrow. The drain pipe seems to be draining. Any ideas on where do I begin?? Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.
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Someone needs to open up the belly and take a look at what is really going on. You will need to make a clean slice so you can seal it back up, Plan on replacing wet insulation also. I would get a fan in there also and get things dried up.

Check the articles section for belly work, there is an article on critter removal that covers slicing & resealing a belly.

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If underneath the furnace it could be a crack in a plastic pan or a rusted away steel pan. Seen them both but the excess condensate usually ends up in the ductwork. However if you have fiberglass ducts then it will pool in the belly of the home.