Has anyone had a wall unit AC installed?

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I have an older mobile home I'm moving into with crank windows, 3 panels (Jalousie?). The only option I can think of that might be the simplest is to remove a glass panel and put a portable AC with vent in. I'm not a nandy man so it's not that simple either.

Otherwise I think maybe I can have someone put a hole in the wall and install a regular through the wall AC unit. My super had a guy come and install the one where I was renting a few months ago, so I know someone who can do it.

The question is how safe is it to do, where to place, any info is helpful thanks.
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Well, Installing an in-wall air conditioner is one of the more challenging projects for the average do-it-yourselfer simply because it requires making cuts through the side of the house. Care and precision are a must...
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