Coleman BGU1001GA no Ignition.

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Hi all,

I have an interesting situation. I will try and explain it best.
I have the BGU1001GA. It was installed in a site condo, which was more or less a full sized home.

I have the situation where the light stays green -- no warning codes.
When the white and red are wired together directly, you hear a click sound and then a hum.

When checking the voltage on the red line there 26 volts fairly constantly.
The furnace does not start up. There is a humming sound fairly noticeable. Once in a blue moon it starts up and runs. We've got it to do it twice.

The blower, the fan is set to on, does turn on.
When in the humming state and the blower is off, the blowers metal casing does get hot. Not sure why.

The igniter is new -- replaced that 2 months ago. I don't think it's the thermocouple since there's no flame to be detected.

I have been reading past posts but I don't see a motor for the ignition and I do believe that the transformer is OK. Any thoughts?

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Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:45 pm

When you twist white and red together and get the click, does the burner come on? If it does and a short time later you get the humming noise, I suspect you have a multispeed blower and the low/heating speed has gone out on the motor. That would produce a hum and cause the blower motor to get hot. When the blower switch is ON the motor is wired to it's highest speed and as long as that winding is good in the blower motor, it will work. Setting fan to AUTO will try to utilize the lower speed when heating the place.