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Just curious as to why this site has never included a forum specifically for Plumbing (Repair and Projects)?

As we all know there are specific forums for Heating & Cooling, which, by the way, very often contain issues dealing with Gas and Electricity. Those issues are usually avoided, understandably, because of safety concerns.

I just think that a separate forum for Plumbing would be beneficial instead of linking it with all other Repairs! I can't think of any safety issues associated with Plumbing that would call for avoidance.

Nothing but "constructive criticism" here!!

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Hi Bill,

Well I can not give you Mark's answer, but I can give you my thoughts....

At what point do we stop creating more forums? Not saying that a Plumbing forum is not a good idea, but then what about people who will eventually want that broke down into a sub forum specific to kitchens, bathrooms, outside spigots...

Now as a Moderator of this site I can see it as one more forum that I have to look at, move post, delete and edit... :roll:

Not sure where the reference to gas and electric in the HVAC forums was going...BUT... as you know Robert and Mark have all the credentials needed to safely run that forum.

When someone in repairs ask how to make a specific repair on gas or electric and the first question is one that they should know the answer to then you know they are not competent to safely do the repair.

On the HVAC forums alot of those repairs are taken offline IF the person asking is competent to make the repair.

Have a great day!

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