Ive started my Solar hot water project

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flcruising wrote:Not to be critical, but your design has 1 huge flaw - most of the piping is not exposed to the sun's rays!

You would gain ALOT more efficiency by going larger with your box and coiling the pipe up in it so every coil has sun exposure.

http://rimstar.org/renewnrg/solar_pool_ ... diy_fp.htm

Lot's of useful information here - http://builditsolar.com/

No offense taken...I learn by critical constructive info. Im sure that i could extract more heat from the suns rays if the Pex was more exposed directly to the sun ; however Im already getting higher water temps than what i require . If I needed a greater Collector reseviour and/or higher output temps. then id certainly consider exposing the Pex to the sun more in addition to adding another 300' Coil or more. My aim here was to build something compact , inexpensive , simple, and to just satisfy my individual hot water needs , and not beyond.

I like the site you attached of the Italian Solar installation, but they should have installed those Coils in a long Wooden Box with window so they could take advantage of radiation plus convection heat gain .

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Solar panels Florida use environmentally harnessed energy from the sun to provide heat and electricity to business and home premises. Solar panels have no moveable parts and are very simple to use.

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Solar panels should make the building cooler as they are the object that receives the heat. The shingles beneath them should be in the shade and cooler. As a side note, we went with light colored shingles to enhance the new building looking like our house and also to keep the panels cooler.

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I need to reseach this more--but I have a cabin, we are not there during the winter so it is not heated unless we are there--it is easy to heat as we insulated it--I would like to use this to heat, like a boiler would work--what would I use/ need to make this work--cost involved---I would love to go solar too but cost is too much right now