Propane Prices squeezing the life out of wallet

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Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:40 pm

Hello to all,
Just wondering how many of you use propane and what price do you pay per gallon. Here in central Mississippi it is $2.49 a gal. I'm thinking about a different source of heat for next winter, I may try a wood stove and try a homemade solar heater like Mark has here on this site. A cord of wood is $175.00. If I do choose the wood route, just wandering how much wood I might go through. We have very few nights when the temp goes below freezing, so I can run the central unit enough to keep pipes from freezing in the belly. Most of our winter is low 30's in the night and 50's in the days. Just looking to save a few $$$$ on the heating.

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Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:18 pm

Mike, there really is no cheap heat anymore. If you have a supply of free wood, a wood stove would be a good possibility. Pellet stoves are another option.

We use a Monitor 20 series Kero. unit. The unit was far from cheap about $1200 20 years ago, but it has done a great job and runs about a gallon of Kero. a day. It will keep the place warm down to -20* with no problem. We only run the furnace to keep the pipes from freezing.

Solar may work for you since it really doesn't get too cold there (it was -15 here last night).

I would take a look at windows and insulation perhaps an upgrade would help.

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