Affordable Solar and Wind Energy

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Sun and Wind Are the Sensible Alternative Power Source:As science continues to search for the perfect clean non-polluting energy source, homeowners have only two choices. In most cases’ homes and small business are powered by solar, because the amount of electricity produced by the sun, is much greater than that produced by a small wind turbine. Even for those of you who live in extremely windy areas, it is still best to combine the two alternatives. The reason has to do with a few factors of nature. Did you know, for example, that the small amount of the suns rays that hit your roof, greatly surpass all the energy that is transported through the utility company electric wires? So if we look at solar panels and wind turbine rotors as merely collectors, you can see that the amount of electricity that is produced is based on the collectors area. It is for that reason that the proper solar energy system can more than handle all your electricity needs. Here is another fact that will astound you. The entire total of fossil fuels on Earth can be matched by the solar energy output of the sun on Earth, in less than three days.
Another major reason to consider solar over wind is the cost. Considering that most homes do have more than one energy source, the average household consumes about 1,000 kWh of electricity per month, or about 12,000 kWh per year. Depending on your wind resource and the tower height required to get the wind turbine above the trees, a wind system designed to generate that kind of electric capacity would have to have a very large rotor. The price tag could easily exceed $50,000.00 to install. Another option could be to have multiple smaller turbines. This of course would depend on the space you have available to erect the amount of towers needed. That same scenario would have your complete solar energy system installed for $25-$30,000. Before you stop reading, I will tell now, that these figures are based on contractor estimates. There are ways to do-it-yourself for laterally pennies on the dollar. At this time, however, I’d like to cover the advantages of a complete solar energy system.