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Hi Folks, New to the group. Plan to spend more time here to learn how to save energy & use alternative ones. We live in a DW with 1700 sg ft. Im sure it needs more insulation in walls & attic. What are my best alternatives. I can feel cold air coming out of electrical sockets!!!! Must not be ANY insulation in that wall! Can feel it blowing!!
Help, Im freezing. & going broke.
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Insulation--in attic if you can figure out a place you can get into it with making a visible whole--like a closet/the top of cabinets,where you furace goes out the ceiling all these places can b patched without being seen---get the blown in insulati on--I know Lowes rents the machine--it has a hose that you can direct and it is light --newspaper I think----Your floor add insulation--go under MH --you might add the spray foam insulation where the floor meets the wall and then add the regualr insulation,you can then ad the black material,or tarps--you might add furing strips to help hold it plus screw--we put plywood under our floor--many on the list was like why--well when we bought our mh they had removed the furance--did not need heat ducts(( OH Check you heat ducts---they may need repaired or replaced))) we ran all our water line inside the MH not in the walls or under the MH so why not--we will never have to replace the insulation and never have a problem with rodants----Ok Underpinning--take it down add to the framing so you can put regualr insulation--we did this cost was really low--I think it took 2or 3 rolls--at $ 9.00 a roll--then we used the thick 6 mill plastic and put that over top of insulation--in photos you see white on ground,we will put landscape rock all around the mh,but this kept the water off the backing of the insulation vapor barror, then put back up the underpinning
Here is a photo album of what all we did--so yes my dd electric bill is very low--but you might be able to get some ideas ... s-_-Sharer

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First thing is to find the source. It may be windows, If you have the cheap basic "trailer" windows shrink plastic may help some. It may or may not be cost effective to insulate the skirting, that would be more cost effective and easier than adding to the underbelly. Make sure the skirting is in place, tight and no holes. Greg
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