Nuclear vs. Solar vs Wind. Who is mightier?

Share with us your alternative energy ideas and projects. Tell us about your experiments, no matter how far-fetched they may seem.

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Nuclear Power seems a very viable option to replace fossil fuels. But I think that Nuclear power poses a very real threat to our existence. What if the nuclear power plant falls into the hands of terrorists? Also how to dispose off the nuclear waste and what about proliferation secure and safe?Wind energy can not be used in the non-windy areas. The only other option seems to be solar which is abundant in almost every part of the world. If we can produce some really cheap solar cells that would solve the problem. Today solar power represents a small fraction of energy production in USA. Just imagine that installing solar panels and not having to pay energy bills.
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In Canada, Ontario specifically, the government has introduced a solar incentive plan where by home owners sell there hydro generated directly back to the hydro company. Owners sign a 25 year agreement at a fixed rate.
The problem for hydro users is the fee paid to solar suppliers, to encourage the proliferation of solar systems, is higher than what hydro charges it's users. As a result the government has announced as more individuals sell solar generated energy to the hydro company the cost of everyone's hydro bill will go up.

Companies selling solar systems suggest that a $30,000 investment could on average provide a income of $3000 per year.
A ten percent return on investment is good but not at my expense as a hydro user thank you..

My vote is for nuclear.
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The major problem with ANY power source is the "Opposition special interest groups". Lets see now of course we all know about the evils of the nukes, windmills have been know to cut birds in half and the "It destroys my view" people. "Solar panels are ugly" people. Hydro hurts the fish. I suspect that if we all used a generator with a hand crank someone would find a problem with that.
Bottom line is that no matter what we do, there WILL be a side affect somewhere, people need to deal with it!! Greg
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It depends. Solar power is fairly new and we're still in the process of figuring out its in's and out's. It isn't ENTIRELY new, but you know what I mean. Nuclear power has been around for a while and we've already figured out how to fully utilize its strength to the fullest. I think, with time, solar power will continue to strengthen and become a more common aspect of society. In the meantime, you can count my vote on being for Nuclear -- unfortunately. :(
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I live in what has become a major wind project zone. Ugly is the kindest thing I can say, but they are very profitable because of the monster federal tax breaks and huge grants. Our PUD sold half of their interest in a wind project for what they had invested in it. Now they have a big chunk of the project essentially for free. They sell this "green" power to that long bent state two south from us. They buy other power locally for a quarter of that. One of the other projects that keeps our rates down is the Great Fart Gas project. IOW, the landfill. That got shut down by the feds to "investigate." Evidently they thought it worked too well compared to the design criteria. Anyhoo, the boys and girls at the PUD decided to take that time and replace the IC engines (keeping them for backup) with turbines. They DOUBLED the power output with the same fuel use, then added another third by tacking on an exhaust gas recovery system. Anyway, I really think the windfarms are butt ugly and should be in places that are ugly, too. Maybe on top of skyscrapers so the city folk can enjoy them.

I do believe nuclear power is just beginning to develop. I'd say it's about at the native dugout canoe phase. It's a long way from there to the Starship Enterprise. Forcing utilities (like ours) that have lower rates to buy from home power sources can be a negative experience. Save it for expensive rate areas.

As a little sidebar, it cracks me up that Hawaii pays to ship garbage all the way to the mainland, pays for it to be shipped inland, and pays the landfill to take it. They should get their own Fart Gas Project (or dump it down a volcano).


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even if you have great wind and solar power generation, you'll need controleably power sources (such and nuclear or hydro-carbons) or some truely mosterous and dangerous batteries.

I remeber seeing a TV show on the british power grid controlers on how they had to be prepared for a massive spike in power draw after the world cup as everyone went and fired up thier tea pots. I don't remember the exact number, but it was somewere in the area of the total peak output of 1 nuclear plant. now thats quite a bit of tea :lol:
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I follow the view that in the future,keeping up with demand will require every type of power generation tech there is,and,the development of more types,and,improving on all of it as time goes.
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