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Installed LP Wall Mounted Heater in 14 X 70

Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 2:13 pm
by DavidW
This week I purchased and installed a 20,000 BTU (2 Gas Option) heater in a 14 X 70. It's suppose to heat 700 sq. ft.. The heater was purchased from Lowes.

The heater is a Feature Comforts brand and can be set on the floor or wall mounted. I fabricated a wall bracket out of wood with a 3/4" thick vertical piece of wood and two horizontal 1" X 3" pieces of wood attached to the vertical piece to accomodate the stamped metal brackets supplied with the heater.

I decided on fabricated a mounting arrangement for two reasons:

1. I wanted to put the (3) 2" deck screws thru the vertical piece of wood, and into a groove in the paneling that had a stud behind it, rather than bore holes into the paneling and permanently deface it. (I could have just bored big holes thru the decor face of the paneling and used the supplied toggle anchors with the stamped brackets.)

2. I wanted to space the heater off of the wall so as to avoid heat damage to the paneling and provide more air flow to the heater fan. But, now that it's in, I noticed it hardly gets warm behind the heater, on the back side.

I mounted the heater about 12" off the floor (to the bottom of the heater), and placed on the back wall right in the middle of the great room, between the dining area and livingroom.

Here is an itemisation of the costs (numbers are rounded to nearest dollar), tax included:

20,000 BTU Heater $211.00
100 lb. Propane Tank $138.00
16" Sq. Cement Pad (Place tank on) $ 4.00
11 - 14 inch Gas Regulator $ 16.00
Gas Type Ball Valve $ 7.00
3/8" I.D.(.50" O.D.) Soft Copper Tubing (10') $ 21.00
3/8" NPT Pipe Fittings $ 16.00
1/2" Flared Fittings (Brass) $ 8.00
Flaring Tool for Copper Tubing $ 21.00
Spring Type Tubing Bender $ 8.00
Gas Type Thread Sealer $ 3.00
Fill Propane Tank with LP $ 78.00

TOTAL: $531.00

After everything was installed, I tested all the connections twice with soapy water to ensure no gas leaks. I did not see or smell anything. I then fired up the heater for the first time. It took way longer to purge the air from the system than what the instructions stated. But once the air was out, the pilot lighted and the main burner came on when actuated.

There are certain smellls associated with a new unit. I ran it briefly for two days and the smells went away. Actually, it took several runnings to purge out all the air. When there is air in the line, the main burner makes a moaning sound until the air is gone.

It's worked fine all week. I do not use it as the main heat source. I bought it so if the power goes out, I'll have heat this winter. I do use it in the morning and evening to knock the chill off, which it does quite well. There is now no smells or noise coming from the unit other than the automatic fan that works well.

I noticed on my programmable thermostat, that the furnace is now running 30 - 45 minutes less per day. I only run the LP heater about 20 minutes per day. (The Coleman electric furnace runs about 2 hours per day. Cost per KW for the Coleman is $.09.)

I'll post some pictures in the albums, if that is still possible.

Re: Installed LP Wall Mounted Heater in 14 X 70

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 8:01 am
by DavidW
A couple more things about the installation of this heater.

No one store had all the pipe and/or brass fittings needed. I had to go to four different stores to get everything. Lowes is suppose to have a flexible line system with a regulator for 100 lb. tanks, but was sold out and weeks away from getting any more. I never did see what that system looked like. A flexible line system may work when using the heater on the floor. Lowes said it would.

The other thing is a question for one of the Moderators, or Robert:

Is there a difference in size or material between 3/8" I.D. soft copper tubing and 1/2" O.D. soft copper tubing? The dude at Lowes said there was. He said the material for the 3/8" I.D. was harder and had a smaller O.D. (??) He said it would be harder to flare than 1/2" O.D..
(I measured both with calibers and found them virtually the same, at least what Lowes had in stock.) Any feedback on this?

Re: Installed LP Wall Mounted Heater in 14 X 70

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 6:58 pm
by Greg
I have flared about every type of tube from 3/16 steel brake line to 5/8" copper. and they all flare about the same. There are applications (such as brake lines) that require a double flare. Greg

Re: Installed LP Wall Mounted Heater in 14 X 70

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:57 am
by DavidW
Thanks for the feedback, Greg.

I asked that because the brand new flare tool would not grip the tubing. The tubing just pushed thru the tool instead of flaring.

So I had to determine if I had the wrong size/type of tubing or the tool was defective.

I went to an auto store and bought one of their tools and it worked fine on the tubing I had.

The tool from Lowes was defective and I was given a refund.

(The heater has been in use for almost two weeks and works fine. It has less smell and works smoother than the $2,000 gas logs I bought for another home. But doesn't look as nice.)

Re: Installed LP Wall Mounted Heater in 14 X 70

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:45 pm
by Greg
The only other possibility is if it was a metric tube or flaring tool, but I have flared metric tubes with a standard flaring tool so I would look at a defective tool. Greg